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Grow: with innovative business planning, financial modeling, and more persuasive pitch decks.

Optimize: Pricing for maximized revenue, streamline SaaS vendor negotiations, and generate better business strategies.

Excel: with tailored project and process management solutions, SoPs, and improved organizational management

About Us

At Trachtman Consulting, we know first-hand that the journey to business success is filled with unique challenges that require innovative solutions, and we have a proven track record of turning obstacles into opportunities. From establishing a leading documentation software company to our innovations in the insurance sector in Switzerland, our own journey has been defined by a singular focus: solving complex problems with smart, efficient solutions.

We bring this same level of dedication and expertise to your business. Our strategic leadership, grounded in our extensive experience with rapid scaling, uniquely positions us to develop and implement innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Our work extends beyond mere consultancy– we partner with you in your growth journey. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, tackle intricate financial challenges, or revolutionize your pricing and planning approaches, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive experience with rapid upscaling has equipped us to offer innovative solutions that align with your unique business objectives.

Let’s tackle your biggest challenges so you can get back to what you do best – running your business.

Our Services

Operations Management

We excel in operations management across various sectors, including healthcare, the gig economy, insurance, and fintech, to name a few. Our tailored solutions encompass everything from process flows to tech stacks, SOPs, and supply chain optimization. We align these with your specific business goals to enhance efficiency and streamline your operations.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis service employs a versatile blend of bottom-up and top-down research methodologies. With detailed SWOT analyses, magic quadrants, and market sizing, we work to guide your company to identify its ideal niche and optimal market positioning. Our goal is to strategically place your business where it can not only compete but thrive and lead in your industry.

Business Planning

Whether you’re a pre-seed startup, an NGO, or an SMB, our service goes beyond mere planning. By leveraging our extensive market research, we work to guide strategic direction, devise impactful go-to-market strategies, and streamline your financial frameworks. Our approach delivers a clear roadmap for your business, setting the stage for sustained growth.

Financial Modeling and Pricing Optimization

Maximize your financial potential with our expert modeling and pricing optimization. We craft proformas, DCFs, ROI analyses, and fine-tune pricing for revenue maximization and retention. Our service includes building comprehensive financial statements and guiding you through funding or exit evaluations, ensuring strategic financial clarity and success.

Project Management

Whether it’s long-term software implementation, executing LEAN initiatives, or driving complex change management initiatives, we use our broad expertise to help you navigate and successfully complete your most challenging projects. Our approach ensures efficiency and alignment with your strategic objectives, managing resources and teams to deliver not just completion, but measured improvements and strategic success.

Pitch Decks

Elevate your pitch with our specialized service: expertly crafted decks, stunning visuals, and engaging narratives, all tailored to your unique story. We ensure captivating investor presentations, maximizing impact and clarity, driving interest, and securing the support your vision deserves.

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